Dr. Timothy Drinkwine- Principal   

Dr Drinkwine

Mr. Luther Dollar- Assistant Principal

It is truly an honor to be here at Mt. Pleasant Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts. I am a firm believer that every student has "promise" and every student has a bold aspiration to be something greater than themselves. It is our job and goal everyday to give students the tools necessary to change their community , lives and most importantly the world. It will take all stakeholders to change the narrative that each of our children have. I believe together that change starts now."No Excuses... Just Results" is one thing I live by and making sure that the high expectations are reach is the goal everyday. I am committed to this community and the children of this community and I believe together we can raise the bar , reach the bar , and set a new standard for Mt. Pleasant Middle. So come join us here at #TheMount where  we nurture and grow the "Whole Child" and "Failure is not an option" .

Mr Dollar