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Accelerated Reader Tests

Mount Pleasant Middle School Library 


Among the many things Mount Pleasant Middle School is proud of is the library.  The MPMS library strives to continue to arouse students’ interests in a lasting appreciation of literature and a lifelong joy of reading.  With approximately 9,000 books, DVDs, and periodicals, our collection is tailored to provide quality, age-appropriate informational and recreational items.   


Students have access to library materials and computers when they come to class with their teacher as well as early morning before class starts and during their RTI class with their teacher’s approval.  We have a full-time librarian and at least 4 English and Language Arts teachers to assist the students.  Students are encouraged to ask the librarian or their teacher for help concerning book selection or location, use of Destiny, research question, etc.  We are here to help our students learn how to use the library, research well, and love reading! 


All students take Reading Renaissance STAR test.  This test gives both teachers and parents accurate information regarding the student’s reading practice.  This test measures what the student’s reading age is (in years and months.)  It also indicates the range of difficulty level of books a child should read to allow for independent reading as well as how a child compares nationally with others of a similar age.  This test is given at least 3 times a year to measure progress and growth. 



The library is fully automated.  You can search our collection by clicking on the MPMS site, then clicking on Catalog” at the top of the page.  The MPMS library has 16 desktop computers and access to 20 laptops for visiting classes all on a wireless network.   



Mrs. Alice Pope has been at Mount Pleasant Middle School as librarian since 2011.  She was a classroom teacher with 20 years teaching, reading, science and Bible.  Her favorite thing about teaching was building lifelong relationships with students and fostering in them a love of learning.  Mrs. Pope considers herself extremely fortunate to be at MPMS and loves middle school students.  She says, “Thank you to the many parents, grandparents and community members that support the library. 



Volunteers are welcomed in the library.  If you have ever volunteered at Mount Pleasant Middle School Library in the past, we hope we will see you again!  If you have never worked in a library that’s OK too!  We will be happy to have you. 


Please email Mrs. Pope if you are interested or for more information at 


Duties may include: 

Organizing book cart 

Shelving books in the library 

Straightening shelves 

Assisting in processing new library materials 

Converting VHS to DVD 

Other duties as determined by Mrs. Pope that will be helpful to our school