Mount Pleasant Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts opened its doors on August 15th,2001.  The school was the vision of Jim Barrier, CEO of Smelter Service Corporation of Mount Pleasant. Mr. Barrier had been in contact with the Kids on Stage Foundation of Williamson County. This organization began a similar program at Hillsboro School and had outstanding results.

The driving force behind the school is that exposure to the arts is beneficial to all students. Not only are the arts a benefit on their own merit, but statistical evidence proves that students exposed to the arts do better in other subject areas such as math and science. The arts also teach students important skills such as critical thinking and teamwork. These are essential to making the whole school successful.

The Kids on Stage Foundation of Maury County was instrumental in getting MPMSVPA built and provided a large and diverse number of tools for the school. The entire arts wing including the classrooms and auditorium were provided by KOS. In addition, they provided a large array of audio equipment,a recording studio, instruments, and much more cutting-edge equipment for the students both in and out of arts classes to use. 

Since the school opened 2001, thousands of students have received a superior education by the incorporation of the arts and arts technology in their daily school schedule. All students have been involved in dance, theatre, vocal music, visual arts, and instrumental music. Through these opportunities students have learned how to achieve success, and the lessons continue today.

Though many of the faces at MPMSVPA have changed over the years,the essential vision remains the same. Give students superior educational opportunities that will benefit them now and as they progress throughout their lives. This will help the students, the school, and the entire community.  Students today learn in state of the art classrooms, science labs, computer labs, a media center, and of course, arts integrated classes.  It is our hope that given the opportunities available to students both in and out of the classroom that they will flourish and become productive and successful citizens.